Livestock machinery

Distribution Hopper

The distribution hopper is designed for the distribution of both food and other products (straw, lime, sand, etc.) that are commonly used in agricultural and livestock facilities.

It is a great help in carrying out daily tasks given its versatility and ease of use.

This equipment consists of a container with an internal rotation system, which prevents the product from caking and allows it to be distributed evenly.

The hitch of the hopper is designed to be coupled to a front loader, so that it can be tilted.

If the front loader is not available, there is the option of the hitch system by means of a folding 3-point linkage that allows the hopper to be placed at the rear of the tractor so that it can also work in self-loading mode.


• Front hitch
• Optional: Rear hitch by folding 3-point linkage
• 2 sizes: T-100:1 m3. T-150:1.5 m3.
• PVC belt


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