Livestock machinery

"D" Series

Our straw choppers are built specifically for each type of farm, ensuring that your animals have the finest bedding of chopped straw.
Different models of straw chopper models are available depending on the herd type and number.
In addition, our choppers can also chop wet silage.

D series Chopping System

The D chopping system is especially suitable for situations in which the cut length of the straw must be controlled. This is done by a large diameter disc (Ø 1,240 mm) equipped with approx. 100 knives distributed in a spiral shape towards the centre of the disc. A grid with 25-30 mm-diameter holes is placed around which acts as a sieve to limit the length of the straw that enters the turbine, which is supplied with independent hammers that give a final cut to the straw that has passed through the grid. Consequently, the technique ensures an extremely uniform cut making the straw suitable for use in poultry farms.

Chopping System Model E

The E model chopping systemconsists of a 1050 mm diameter disc with 40 radially arranged blades that is attached to the turbine and spins with it. This system is excellent for chopping dry straw since the turbine blades ensure uniform distribution and a consistent flow.

Chopping System Model EM

The “MF-MULTI-FODDER” chopping drum is comprised of a large-diameter roller that is mechanically operated by a chain to provide the highest amount of force necessary for handling extremely demanding materials. The blades of the cutting system are positioned on perpendicular discs as well as in a spiral that begins at the ends and finishes in the centre of the drum. This allows us to produce a consistent and regular cut, even on difficult materials, and prevents them from wrapping around the drum. The adjustable regulating comb enables the product flow entering the turbine to be adjusted. Suitable for any type of product, including silage.

TATOMA chopper rollers are characterized by their toughness, with a thickness of 14mm.
They are designed separately from the shaft, allowing for larger budget savings if a part needs replaced.
Designed with two cutting patterns to meet the needs of the consumer.
(When in doubt, consult our sales department for guidance).

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