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Tatoma actively participates in several key projects for industrial transition

“On finding out about the official announcement of R+D+i grants/ financial aid for Innovative Business Groups (AEI), convened by the Ministry of Industry,the Cluster of Agricultural Machinery of Aragon, of which Tatoma is a member along with other leading companies in the Community, has decided to present up to four projects aimed at developing more technological machines, the use of artificial vision, improving after-sales services through the use of the Internet of things and incorporating 3D printing in the manufacturing processes of agricultural and livestock machinery.

All of them share some features in common, such as covering a national framework . Not only will the cluster in Aragón participate, (together with AITIIP and ITAINNOVA ) but also other relevant entities such as GAIA, the Association of Knowledge Industries and Applied Technology of the Basque Country, which brings together more than 260 companies in this sector or ANMOPYC, the Association of Spanish Manufacturers-Exporters of Construction, Public Works and Mining Machinery.

Connect 4.0 project

At Tatoma we are participating more specifically in the so-called “”Connect 4.0″” project , which is based on a very specific idea: the intention is to create a platform that -for a fee- our customers can access to connect remotely to their machinery .

Users benefit from the remote control itself in terms of simplicity and the management of everyday circumstances, such as getting information on machine position (both current and historical) or consumption statistics. Once this technology is implemented, a mobile application will function as a control panel enabling information to be visualised such as time worked or machinery parameters in real time. Mobile notifications will also have another use as they can also issue alarms related to maintenance or detected failures.

Other modernization suggestions

These are not the only initiatives we are pursuing. Closely related to the above, also through the Aragon Agricultural Machinery Cluster , we have presented two tractor projects to the expressions of interest (MDI) of the Ministry of Industry and the Ministry of Ecological Transition. Led by the companies GDELS-Santa Barbara Sistemas and PRIMAFRO , the goal of the initiative is to accelerate industrial vehicle innovation in order to make them significantly more sustainable, with a commitment to electrification or hybridization . This is not the only area in which work will be done; the goal is to also work on the automation and robotization of other types of vehicles (including military and construction vehicles).

What is the strategy for such projects?

These types of projects are framed in the context of the European Recovery Funds and the Spanish Government’s Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan (PRTR). And it should not be forgotten that one of the primary goals is not trivial: proper industrial transformation.

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