Livestock machinery

3-axle truck – double compartment

The delivery truck is designed for the distribution of feedstock that is commonly used in agricultural and livestock facilities.

This is an ideal complement to stationary feeding plants or for the transfer of products to facilities from a distribution centre.

The box is designed to fit the truck chassis and is equipped with several weighing cells, which transmit their signal to a scale whose display is located in the cab, allowing direct, continuous control of the quantity discharged at all times.

In the one-compartment truck, the box is equipped with a moving bottom that unloads onto a transversal belt located at the rear and that evacuates the products through one or two side doors.

In the two-compartment truck, the box is equipped with two moving floors, divided by a separator with a door. The bottom of the front compartment is positioned on an inclined plane towards the rear compartment, which unloads onto a transversal conveyor belt at the end of the box. To unload the lorry, the rear and front bottoms are operated sequentially and the products are evacuated by means of the unloading conveyor belt.

The structure can be made of aluminium, which makes the truck lighter and gives it a higher load capacity.

  •  Metal distribution box
  • Dimensions as per truck.
  • Approximate capacity: 31 m³
  • Weight when empty depending on the moving belts
  • <li style="font-weight: 400;”>Structure of the box in high resistance carbon steel
  • Aluminium box sides
  • Product loading: 350 kg/m³
  • Continuous hydraulic transmission at variable speed
  • Hydraulic reel system to adjust discharge
  • Aluminium box sides
  • Six-cell weigh system
  • Chain breaking load : 10 000 kg/m³
  • Empty weight 1880kg.
  • Optional: aluminium bottom.


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