Livestock machinery

Expansion Ambar production plant in Israel

In 2014 the latest expansion was carried out to produce 10000 daily ration, thus supplying the demand generated by new customers. The extension consisted of adding a mixer and an auxiliary belt system to run in parallel with the current one and increase its reaction to possible faults in any of the systems. 

Additionally, AMBAR FEED MILLS produced 4,000 rations for cattle and 1,000 for fattening calves on a daily basis, therefore its feeding capacity for these ruminants currently exceeds the figure of 10,000 daily rations 

The operation of the stationary plant is based on the plant control system automatically programming the rations with only two people being required to take charge of filling the feeders and selecting the rations

The total cycle time of a mixture is between 10 to 15 minutes depending on the composition and the amounts of the ration. By having a second mixer, the production cycles can overlap and thus increase the productivity of the plant. In this way, production has increased from 45 tons per hour with a single mixer to 75 tn per hour after the extension.

AMBAR FEED MILLS, founded in 1961, is the largest and most advanced feed mill in Israel, annual production is close to a million tons of animal compound feed.


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