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Discover Tatoma’s new range of bedders

We present a new model of suspended bedders for telehandlers and another to hook to the 3-point linkage of the tractor and with a side discharge. This model is a first, as nothing similar had been developed until now.

Straw spreaders, choppers or blowers ? In essence, all three terms are used to describe the type of machinery you can see here. Putting aside the name for a while, we are talking about essential tools for any livestock farm. Returning to more specific terminology, we can clarify certain variations regarding the three names mentioned, as well providing an update on recent developments in the Tatoma bedding machine series.. One of them is brand new to the market.

Straw spreaders, choppers or bedding machines?

The name of this machinery depends to a great extent on its use . While bedders, as the name implies, are responsible for making bedding for the animals, the term “”choppers”” should be used for machines that have a specific device to reduce the size of the fibres to the size required by the animals themselves, while also ensuring the highest quality forage. For more details about choppers check out .

Finally, straw spreader has ended up becoming the general name for this family of machines , since it broadly covers the purpose the machines are used for. They are used for covering or filling with straw.

New range of Tatoma bedding machines

On the Agro division you can see in more detail the range of straw blowers that we have available for the different livestock farms that trust Tatoma. They are, as previously said, indispensable allies in your everyday job. This final point also suggests that they must be regularly reviewed in order to include the best technical developments.

No sooner said than done: we are now able to present a new model of the suspended bedders for telehandlers and another to hook up to the 3-point linkage of the tractor and with side discharge . The first innovation is completely new, since nothing like it had been developed until now.

What innovations do these new straw spreaders offer? In terms of the present range, we can mention two extremely important ones. One of them is the weight reduction to achieve a much better adaptation to standardized tractors .

On the other hand, and as we have already mentioned, the telehandler suspended bedding machine with floor supplement and 300º rotating outlet is an innovation in itself . With a maximum flow rate of 120 litres per minute and a 3.5 m3 capacity, it features include- electric controls and a beater jam warning light. In addition, both the hydraulic drive of the turbine and the beater as well as the hydraulic floor operation with speed variation in the forward direction complete a list of features a list of characteristics meant to make the work of livestock specialists easier.

Regarding this novelty, it is very important to highlight that the final adaptation of the machine to the telescopic handler is a task that will have to be carried out by the professional. The reason Simply put, the variety of alternatives is so extensive that it is difficult to produce this straw blower tailored to every requirement without incurring considerable cost increases. However, at Tatoma we will be with you before, during and after your purchase , providing the most appropriate indications for attaching the adapters to the machine and the necessary instructions for connecting the hydraulic circuit.

If you want to discover many more details about the specifications of the new range of bedding machines, just contact us. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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